About Petrotech Oil

Our company was established with 100% domestic capital and successfully serves in the Lubricants sector. Since its establishment in the sector, our company has taken its permanent place in the sector in a short time and has succeeded in making a name for itself.

Our company, which has had a direct impact on the Lubricants sector with the dynamism it has created with its young staff and strong dealer network, has gained its reputation by attracting the attention of all its competitors with its experience, competitive spirit and energy. First of all, it has taken its place permanently in the domestic market and then in the international market in a short time.

Our field of activity is mainly aimed at the Automotive sector, and in this field, it is on the sales and marketing of Lubricants both in the country and abroad.

Our factory, which we produce at world standards, was established with the latest technology and has international quality certificates, is located in Istanbul.

Our factory produces mainly all Gasoline and Diesel Engine oils, Gear Oils, Industrial Oils, Industrial Oils, Greases, Hydraulic and Antifreeze products with a full automation tracking and production system.

In line with our goals, our company, which is constantly reaching new places by increasing the awareness of our products as a Turkish brand both in the domestic market and in the international markets, is currently exporting our Petrotech Oil branded products, which we produce in international standards, to more than 25 countries.

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